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As HR consultants we seek out potential and bring the right people together. Our focus is centred on personalities and finding the best solutions for our clients and candidates. Everyone is different, of course. That’s why we always take a one-on-one approach for different results to suit each individual brief.

We’re a diverse and intercultural team. We speak the same language as our clients and build bridges between generations, industries and nations. Direct communication, from person to person, is at the heart of what we do. Only in this way can we apply our many years of experience and inter-industry expertise to bring about the best possible change. Like everyone else, we’re all different too. So it goes without saying that clients select for themselves which member of our team they wish to deal with directly.

Our services

We’re specialists in identifying doors of opportunity – both for careers and companies.

Finding the perfect match is all about attention to people.

“Getting to know our clients inside-out is a key part of our success strategy. Once we have an in-depth understanding of a company’s needs, we set our search tools and techniques in motion with excellent prospects of matching the right people with the right positions.”

Before we begin the search process, we take the time to gain a precise insight into the company brief and a thorough knowledge of candidates’ ambitions and strengths.

With this invaluable groundwork, we can then identify and screen potential candidates from a wide pool of international executives in a way that aligns accurately with a company’s business, strategy and culture. Delivering credible candidates systematically from across industries and borders – and matching the right talent with the right role in the most efficient way possible.

We remain in continuous dialogue with all stakeholders throughout the search, evaluation and negotiation process, right through to selection and onboarding. Always focused on the best possible outcome for genuine value creation in the long term.

Helping ambitious businesses improve performance through people.

“Our wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise make us a strong strategic ally for companies looking for a fresh outside perspective to bring best practice to their individual HR processes and practices.”

We’re passionate believers in the potential of talent and the positive impact that human resources can have on effective business and overall financial performance.

All organisations are looking to boost their competitive advantage. And yet all organisations have their own unique agenda and challenges. That’s where we come in with workable ideas for a whole host of HR-related issues.

Whatever is required, be it complex decisions involving organisational change, an extension of the HR model or talent acquisition strategy – we invest the resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of clients’ internal needs. On this basis of deepened insight and trust, we develop individual strategies that are rich in detail and deliver tangible results for sustainable growth and profitability.

Unlocking the full potential of business personalities.

“A person’s CV says a lot, but really it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re interested in the bigger picture, the whole person and what drives them. With this detail, we set about equipping them to drive their career forward.”

We believe that one-on-one professional coaching has the power to let people gain self-awareness, build on their strengths and discover new perspectives and fields of potential.

Our systematic, hands-on approach is designed to support executives at every stage of their working lives. It begins by examining their personality traits and values, leadership performance to date, and personal aspirations for the future. We then provide them with constructive feedback, onboarding advice and a tailored set of tools to hone their personal management style and interpersonal skills, and support them in the process of gaining clarity on where their talents are best deployed.

The result: a faster track to achieving professional goals and greater added value both for candidates and for the companies recruiting them – from day one onwards and further down the career path.

Our Philosophy

Embracing individuality for maximum added value.

People power is worth so much more than mere market value. This is our measure for success.

The flat hierarchies in our company ensure direct and straightforward communication. Our work revolves around people and nothing can replace excellent communication.

Sustainability and diversity are a guaranteed route to success.

Everyone is different and everyone carries their own values with them. At Bents Honkanen Rosenkranz, we are constantly investing in transparency, trust and personality to learn and profit from each other. Everyone’s talents must be put to the best possible use – be it in consultancy or coaching. Constant dialogue is everything here. We’re convinced that success is impossible to sustain in the long run without a foundation of trust.

We apply this way of working to our clients as well. On a case-by-case basis. Individual interests and needs are always our highest priority. Because only truly tailor-made solutions can continue creating value in the long run.

Our Team

We have the know-how and know-who to help you succeed.

Making the right decisions is all-important.

When it comes to your asset value, there is simply no room for compromise. Human Capital makes a genuine difference. We help you make the right choices here, bringing candidates and companies together with the most to gain from one another.


Julia Rosenkranz

Julia Rosenkranz has an academic background in Business Management and has been applying her expertise in the field of Human Resources now for more than three decades. Her broad know-how at both a national and international level, garnered through numerous managerial roles, places Julia Rosenkranz in an excellent position to foster intercultural HR-related matters. She has led multicultural teams and been instrumental in the internationalisation process of companies – specialised here in top and mid-level management, as well as major strategic HR projects. In her last position as Senior Vice President Corporate HR in an international MDAX company, Julia Rosenkranz reported directly to the Chairman of the Board. Certified as a Systematic Business Coach by the European Coaching Association (ECA), she thrives on working closely with people and is extremely well versed with the facets of Change Management. Bringing individual talents to the fore is one of her greatest passions.

Her specialist expertise includes the following sectors: industry, maritime economy, technical services and retail


Marcus Honkanen

Marcus Honkanen is a truly experienced Executive and Partner within Executive Search and People Evaluation on an international level. He supports his clients in finding internationally capable management personalities in Germany, the Nordic countries and throughout Eastern Europe. He studied in Finland and Germany, and applies his intercultural and multilingual skills to bring people together across different nations and industries. Time and again, his determined, passionate and empathetic approach to his work has proven extremely effective in winning over the best candidates for his clients. Prior to founding the company, Marcus Honkanen was Partner and Member of the Board of an international Executive Search and Management consulting firm. Responsible for activities in Northern Europe, Poland and Russia, his credo is the power of diversity and intercultural decision-making to achieve success within organisations.

His specialist expertise includes the following sectors: consumer goods, engineering, packaging, building materials, renewable energy and smart grid / smart cities.


Dr. Hinrich Bents

With a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences to his name, Hinrich Bents went on to pursue a highly successful career as a leading light in a research institute and as a Partner within Executive Search over the course of many years. His comprehensive knowledge, his wealth of experience in a range of different sectors, and his astute powers of understanding are of enormous benefit to those clients looking for more than just consultancy. He has held various managerial roles and, as a former Senior Partner of an Executive Search and Management Consulting firm, he currently performs numerous executive roles on management boards. He offers clients his dedicated and in-depth expertise in the field of Board Consulting and Onboarding as a result. People, personalities and peer-to-peer interrelations are always at the heart of Bents’ professional style and strategy.

His specialist expertise includes the following sectors: industry, retail, technical services, engineering, logistics and transport


Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs is a passionate and experienced Consultant, focused on Executive Search projects. He has worked in this field for more than seven years, with proven successes not least thanks to his proactive and swift style of working. Christian Fuchs studied International Management and Economics. Besides fluent English, he also applies his knowledge of Russian to the benefit of the entire team. He is driven by and committed to executing international projects at various management levels. Prior to joining the team at Bents Honkanen Rosenkranz, he worked as a Consultant for a leading Executive Search and Management Consulting firm and oversaw cross-border research activities.

His specialist expertise includes the following sectors: production, consumer goods, building materials, packaging, power supply and renewable energies


Fanny Åberg

Fanny Åberg studied Business Administration in Helsinki. She speaks Swedish, Finnish, English, Italian and German, and is highly capable when it comes to coordinating complex events, meetings and projects at management level. She supports the company and our clients and candidates within Executive Search, HR Consulting and Coaching. Her analytical and multilingual skills are invaluable when it comes to finding the best solutions for all parties involved in a process. Fanny’s professionalism and organisational talent make her a true stalwart of the company. She is dedicated to ensuring fast processes and sustainable results, as well as supporting the search for the most suitable international candidates for our clients.


Susan Skatikat

Susan Skatikat holds a Degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Passau. This interdisciplinary academic background spans both languages and business, specialising in international commercial matters. She has over 13 years of professional experience in Executive Search, gained primarily at a leading international Executive Search and Management consulting firm. As well as expertise in a broad range of sectors, Susan Skatikat also offers understanding of and optimum access to new marketscandidates, an outstanding network and a keen sense for matching people with demanding positions. She is committed to quality excellence, professional service standards and long-term client relations. Her motto is: “More value for candidates and companies with a thorough and systematic approach”.

Her specialist expertise includes the following sectors: industry, energy, maritime economy, mechanical and plant engineering, services, trade

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